Products for Sandwich & Fish & Chip Shops

At Thomas’s Yorkshire Bakery, we specialize in freshly baked tea cakes baked to our family recipe which dates back over 100 years. All of our products are baked to order as we only supply wholesale.

We bake using a premium grade flour which we source from Bradshaws Flour Mill in Driffield, East Yorkshire.  Our milk is sourced from a local dairy and where possible we source our other ingredients locally.

  • Popular products in this sector:
  • Large Teacakes – white, brown, multigrain and currant
  • Medium Teacakes – white, brown and currant
  • Fish Teacakes – these are pinned out by hand so they are the perfect size to hold a fish or a portion of chips
  • White & Brown soft batons 6” & 8”
  • Dinner Buns and Baps are ideal for a smaller sandwich and buffets.
  • Morning Goods includes Scones and Fruit Pies

Following a customer request we now have a foot long white batons available – Ideal for those really hungry customers!


We offer sliced bread as part of our service which one of our drivers collects fresh early each morning ready for the other drivers to add to their delivery round.

Each day we bake a range of Thomas’s weekly hand baked goods, including currant pasties, jam coconut squares, caramel crunches and bakewell squares..  These traditional recipes are baked and delivered unwrapped and have one week’s shelf life on them from the point you receive them. We now have 5 different varieties of traybakes available as well.

On Monday to Friday we are happy to call you before 3pm for your bread order for the following day. On Thursdays we ask for your hand baked goods order for the following week so that we can plan this into production.  Alternatively, you may choose to have a Standing Order sent to you weekly.

We have also developed a range of wrapped products under our Lottie Shaw’s brand.  Lottie Shaw’s has become well known for baking Seriously Good™ Yorkshire Parkin to our 100 year old family recipe and our range has now expanded.  All of these items have 12 weeks shelf life from baking and we have countertop display boxes available as well.  These are perfect for sandwich bars & fish & chip Shops.

If you would like to visit the bakery then you will be very welcome, but please call beforehand to arrange a visit.

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